Corporate principles

The Frontiers commits to the following principles when working with clients and partners:

Quality of Service – We agree that every client should have access to respectful, fair, convenient, flexible, and timely services.  Clients should have an opportunity to communicate their feedback on the service quality and there should be mechanisms for responding to customers’ input.

Decent service – We believe that customer service should be fair, responsible and respectful. We are committed to promoting policies and practices that respect the dignity of our customers, as well as cultural and gender differences.

Truthful and Transparent Information – We agree that clients deserve complete, accurate, and understandable information regarding the terms of our services, so that all clients can make informed decisions.

Appropriate Price – We agree that service providers should offer services efficiently and that these efficiencies should be translated to the benefit of consumers in terms of a balance between appropriate pricing, reasonable returns which are mutually beneficial, and greater outreach.

Protection from Unethical and Illegal Practices – We agree that clients should not be subject to illegal, unethical, discriminatory, or deceptive services (such as overly aggressive marketing tactics, abusive debt collection practices, or other behavior that harms clients).

Privacy of Client Information – We believe that providers of financial and credit services are required to maintain full confidentiality with respect to information provided by customers, and not disclose it without appropriate consent, if, of course, this information is not publicly available or required by law .

If Frontiers’ client believes that any of the statements above has been violated, the client is encouraged to notify Frontiers’ staff immediately by sending an e-mail to or by making a telephone call.  The company will investigate the violation and provide a resolution and explanation to the client within 24 hours of receipt of the notification.

Furthermore, clients and partners of Frontiers are encouraged and welcome to voice concerns, ask questions, or make suggestions for process improvement at any time.