Success stories


Our cooperation with "Frontiers" has begun almost immediately from the opening of an office in Bishkek.
The current position of "ABN" in the microcredit market is the result of our partnership. We became the largest among credit unions of the republic. Our company was the first in the market of Kyrgyzstan which went through reorganization from a credit union into a microfinance company and in 2014 transformation process was completed.
The main objective of our cooperation with "Frontiers" is keeping these rates and advantages, particularly efficiency, professionalism and mutually advantageous conditions.
Lending from "Frontiers" helps to strengthen positions at any stage of development of the company.
"Frontiers" was and remains the main strategic partner for us in the microfinance market, and we hope that our cooperation will go on fruitfully for a long term.
JSC MFC “ABN” Chairman of the Board

MCC "Elet-Capital"

When in 2007 we contacted "Frontiers" for the first time, we just expected receiving a loan for expansion of our activities and increase in the client base. At that time a loan from "Frontiers" was vital for our company since the demand for the microcredits was high, we have worked out the system of crediting, and we had to develop and go ahead. We needed resources. We began preparing an application according to the requirements of "Frontiers" and in the course of the preparation we learned much, specifically financial calculations and forecasts. We have got a new point of view at the company, saw its weaknesses and strengths, and defined threats. We received much more, than had expected.

We got acquainted with a professional approach for the assessment of activity of our own company, received excellent tools for planning and management. We got acquainted with a high level service of employees of "Frontiers". Therefore, loans from "Frontiers" are always more than just money for us, more than just relations between a creditor and a borrower. And today the “Frontiers” company is the largest creditor for us, and we always feel support from "Frontiers".
The Chairman of the Board, CEO


Our credit union cooperates with "Frontiers" MLC since 2005. During this time we got convinced that "Frontiers" is always available and open for partners, and supports young and developing credit institutions. It was very important for us that "Frontiers" supported us at the stage of our formation. The importance of our partnership is not only about financial resources, but also getting consultations and recommendations which were provided by the employees of "Frontiers" during the analysis and monitoring of our union. They promoted improvements in operations, quality of management and growth of the organization. Especially we would like to note the efforts made by "Frontiers" in training of staff of microfinancial organizations and credit unions. The staff of our union participates in such activities on a constant basis as it is always useful and interesting. We can tell with confidence that "Frontiers" MLC makes an essential contribution to the development of microfinancial sector of Kyrgyzstan, promotes development of small and medium business and improvement of life standards of our citizens.
FC CU “TIME IS MONEY” Chairman of the Board