Mortgage Loan

Target group

MLC, MFC, MLA, CU and commercial banks, with a credit history at MLC “Frontiers” of at least 1 (one) year.


Provision of cash for the purchase of real estate for the needs of the head office of the FLI, and/or for its separate structural divisions.

Maximum volume of debt for one or several simultaneous loans

Up to 10 (ten) million KGS

Loan term

Up to 5 (five) years

Interest rate

Defined by the Credit Committee, depending on the cash-flow statement of the FLI, credit history of the FLI, the pricing policy of MLC “Frontiers” and the current financial market situation.

  • One or several of the following can be considered as a provision for a loan:
    – loan portfolio of the FLI covering 130% of the loan size;
    – guarantee(s) of key persons of FLI and/or founder(s);
    – the assets that are acquired for the loan;
    – guarantees of the third parties.
  • In certain cases, loan can be issued without provision.
Loan issuance procedure

Not more than 3 (three) tranches in 2 (two) months after signing a loan agreement.

Payment for consideration of the application and issuance of a loan

1 % of the loan amount

Payment for early repayment
  • In case of prior written notice not less than in 30 days prior to date of early repayment – 0%;
  • Without prior written notice not less than in 30 days prior to date of early repayment – 2% of ahead of schedule repayable sum;
  • In exceptional cases the Credit Committee of MLC “Frontiers” can make the decision on not collection of a payment for early repayment without prior written notice.
Repayment schedule


Time for consideration of an application

Not more than 20 (twenty) working days

Additional conditions
  • FLI should contribute 30% of the value of the acquired property;
  • FLI must insure the acquired real estate property at its own expense.